Homemade is the Best Made!

So, for community group tonight we are having soups and stews, which is very good for this weather, as today it didn’t even reach 40. Winter is now upon us! I went a bit overboard, as I just volunteered to bring a stew and some bread. But when looking through my fridge I noticed a couple apples that weren’t looking too hot, so I decided to add a pie to my list!

After a lunch hour of whipping things up (from scratch I just might add!) I ended up with the following: a Caramel Apple Pie, Delicious French Bread, and a Quinoa, Potato, and Chickpea Stew.  I’ve been creating this stew in my head for about a week now and I’m thrilled with the outcome. Here is what I did (if you’re curious to know) –

Cooked 2 cups of Quinoa, Boiled 4 carrots and 6 finerling potatoes until soft. Added the carrots and potatoes to the qunioa along with 3 cups of water, a 25 oz can of drained Chickpeas, 2 cans of diced tomoatoes (also drained), and the following spices (I just threw these until until I got the desired flavor I wanted) – Paprika, Cumin, just a bit of Garlic Powder, Ginger, Cinnamon, and Garam Masala (quite a bit of this spice).  I probably used a few tablespoons of each of the spices (minus the garlic powder and not quite as much cinnamon and ginger).  After letting that simmer for about 2 hours, I added 1 small can of tomato puree and 1ish cups of lite coconut milk.

Yummy! Between the pie, fresh bread, and the stew spices my house smells so good I could eat it! Hopefully everyone else will like the spice combinations tonight. Now if dinner will only hurry up and get here…


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