Pete Yorn, New Moon, and Block Party!

So…why the three things that don’ t go together in the heading?! Well…that was my last 24 hours. Last night B and I drove to Tempe to catch a Pete Yorn show at the Marquee. Since I’ve been listening to his new cd almost nonstop the past couple weeks, needless to say, I was excited about the show. I would have to say though, the (most distracting?!) best part of the show had to be the tambourine player. Let’s just say – imagine a football fan whose team just made the game winning touchdown to win the Super Bowl (his – or her – enthusiasm for that moment) – we’ll multiply that times 100 and you’ll get a small glimpse of how intense this tambourine player was. We’ll just say he had a solo in the middle of a song…yes, you heard correctly, a solo. Otherwise, it was a great show. To sum it up – crazy tambourine, a guitar change for every song, and a couple in front of us that had choreographed danced moves to each song! Very amusing.

New Moon. What can I say?! Ave and I went bright and early this morning (yes, 9:30 am on a Sunday) to watch New Moon. I was excited to watch the movie, and though it was quite good, my vote is that I liked the first better. This movie was very true to the book’s story line, so I did like that bit, but it seemed very different in terms of feel than the first one…not quite as dark in the way it was shot. I’m not sure how I felt about that. I liked the darkness of how Forks was portrayed in Twilight. This time Forks was a bit cheerier (less raining), but what do I know – it may have been a non-rainy season!  It was still a great movie and I’m now excited for Eclipse!

Block Party?! Well, you see, my mom’s neighborhood (well, cul-de-sac) planned a block party. Games, food, laughs…that kind of thing. Yes, block parties don’t just happen in the movies! So, in preparation for this festive occasion I was recruited to make a couple dishes, and who am I to turn down the chance to bake! I decided to make the Caramel Apple Pie that I did last week and it turned out just as delicious. I also made Pecan Sticky Buns that were SO yummy! This recipe I modified from one found in the Oprah Magazine (no, I don’t read her magazine, but I ran across the recipe online) and the bread part I use as base for many many of my bread recipes – works great for cinnamon rolls too. And finally, I made a Tempeh and Potato Salad (from Vegetarian Times – sans Tempeh (their grocery store didn’t have any). It is by far my favorite potato salad recipe! The dishes turned out great. So, these along with my pumpkin ale (got to get my fill of them before they are out of season!) I had a very delicious dinner. Fun last 24 hours – now I need to catch up on some sleep…


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