Christmas Goodies

So, I tried two new recipes last night. Both come from the Vegan Yum Yum Blog (good sweets). I made Christmas Tree Cupcakes and Gingerbread Cakes. Both turned out very pretty, though I think I’ll add more spices to the gingerbread cake next time I make it.

You can’t go wrong with vanilla cupcakes and vanilla icing, so the cupcakes were an easy winner! I thought the Gingerbread Cakes turned out very pretty, but I would modify a bit next time to have a bit more ginger flavor (I just love ginger). Overall, I think these recipes were a success!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Goodies

  1. I love the Xmas tree cupcakes. I didn’t know that you liked baking. I do too.

    What are you making for Christmas Day?

  2. looks yummy. kind of like my owl cupcakes, which i totally have pictures of. baby b and i are currently chillin listening to bonnie price billy because it is snowing heavily in chicago…awesome. love you

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