Two Down, One to Go

…parties that is! Last nights shindig went well. We ended up bringing home a huge bottle of Yellow Tail Shiraz from the Dirty Santa (Brian got it on the third steal for me), so I’d say that wasn’t too bad! I actually ended up with a pen and a journal (with a yin yang on it?!), which I gave to someone who really wanted it. I figured I could live without it.

Tomorrow’s affair is a Progressive Dinner with our community group. Appetizers at the Bailey’s, Dinner at the Kirkconnell’s and Dessert and Dirty Santa at the Moore’s. I know you wish you were coming also!

So, this Dirty Santa is a bit different. The rule was no buying a gift. Just bring things from your house that you can live without or don’t use. I spent a few minutes today looking through my books and magazines and then my cabinets. I came up, with what I think, are two gems of a gift. Not to mention the little funny surprises I added (I will let you know what these are tomorrow).

…pictures to come!


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