A bit of Snow in Fayetteville

…and I mean a tad. I was able to see a very heavy flurry for about 5 minutes today! Yeah! All that to say, it is pretty cold. My run this morning felt about 16 degrees. Needless to say I ended up with a very cold face, even with a mask on! 

This afternoon Brian and I were bored at home, so we decided to bundle up and go for a walk to visit all the stores we like downtown. So we stopped at the library, then went to a few galleries on the Fayetteville Square. Next we headed down Block St. and stopped in Dark Star Visuals to pick up a couple earring making supplies and then moseyed next door to Good Things. (Don’t you like this play by-play of our outing?! …Just wait, I’m getting to the fund part) Along the way we took pictures with all the Christmas displays. As we headed back to Dickson St. we noticed this great big Magnolia tree and how it’s branches looked like a bench. So, as I walked toward the tree limb I found something…20 bucks. As no one was in the parking lot and the store next door was a law office that had been closed all day, I didn’t know where to take it to see who lost it. So, now I have $20 burning a hole in my pocket!

Going back to my party! party! party! week, the progressive dinner and dirty santa party on Thursday turned out to be really fun. Along with some yum food there was a lot of laugher. The dirty santa proved to be the funniest part of the evening. I mentioned earlier about my great gifts – So, I put much time and thought into them, as they included ‘The Office’ magnets, a gorgeous head shot of Brian, and a couple wedding gifts I pulled out of the closet I had never even opened! Score!  Brian and I also ended up bringing home some fun things. I got a gift of back issues of Real Simple (yeah!) and a Spanish to English dictionary which Brian is super excited about because he thinks he’ll get some use out of it at work! Brian ended up with a string of colored Christmas lights, a lock and key, and a wrench. Since the rules were bring something from your house you don’t want, I think we came out very well!

Enjoy the pictures of the Progressive Dinner and our night around town! Today the weatherman predicted snow on Christmas Eve (60%!), so this may be my first white Christmas!


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