Yummy Yummy King Cake…

I LOVE this time of year because of King Cakes!  And since I haven’t had the chance to turn this recipe vegan yet, so I’m giving that a go tomorrow (watch for pictures and a recipe!).

I consider my mother the Queen of baking King Cakes from scratch. She makes amazing and delicious ones; and in fact, I can still remember the smell of the sweet dough rising by the fireplace when we lived in South Mississippi. So I called her this morning (like I do everyday at 7:30 am!) hoping to get a copy of her recipe. She lost it…lost it (well, maybe misplace is a better word)! Apparently in the move to Phoenix it was boxed up never to be unboxed! So, I called my Mimi and no luck there. …So, now I’m having to come up with something on my own. I have some ideas on how to make the bread tasty and vegan, so we’ll see if it turns out as yummy as moms! I’ve decided to use blueberry filling and since plastic babies are hard to track down here in Northwest Arkansas (imagine that – no stores sell miniature plastic babies?!), I’ll use an almond or large dried bean.

So Laissez les Bon Temps Roule!!!


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