Long Awaited Coffee Table

Many of you know I really like Danish Modern furniture. A few weeks ago I found a great coffee table and side table by Lane on Ebay. This particular set is from their Perception line that was produced in the late 1950’s through early 1960’s. I have a bedroom set from this same line and absolutely love it. So, the coffee table made it to the Greyhound Station yesterday (…the side table is still in transit?!). With Brian’s help we brought the coffee table up to the condo today. I was a little anxious about opening the box, as the pictures on Ebay were taken pretty far away. That being said, I was bit nervous about gashes or scratches in the table that couldn’t be buffered out. I slowly unopened the box and low and behold…

I actually ended up with a piece in decent condition. There is no finish on the coffee table, as over the years it has worn off. Otherwise, there aren’t any big stains or discoloration (minus the rub (?) someone added to it at some point) and it’s pretty gash and scratch free. Overall, it was pretty much what I expected.


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