Running in…Nashville

I spent the week in Tennessee and despite the cloudy and rainy weather I was able to get in a couple runs. Every time I travel to Nashville, I always have to laugh at the Parthenon replica. I mean, who decides to build a full-scale replica of the Parthenon?! So, my first run took me to centennial Park and down to Hillsboro Village (one of my favorite nooks of the city! MMMmmmm Fido!).

If you look close in the background of the picture above you can see the replica to the right. It was definitely a humid day and very grey. In fact, the entire week was grey.

My second run was in the Belle Meade area of Nashville were half way through my run I pass the Army Reserves doing their combat training exercises. I can say that’s the first time I’ve been near a mock fighting scene. There was a ‘dead’ guy on my right and lots of army men with guns. It was a bit surreal to run by, as you don’t see giant guns on an every day occurence. …Well, at least I don’t! Overall fun runs and I’m looking forward to my next trip!


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