Fabric, Buttons, and Edward?!

I’m super excited about my new fabric and vintage buttons I scored at River Market Antiques this past weekend. I’ll start with the past weekend. B and I made the trip up to KC to spend a weekend and get away. We ended up picking a snowy weekend to visit, but despite the wet, white snow we had a great time. We ate at one of our favorite vegetarian/vegan fast food restaurants in Lawrence, KS (yes, you heard right – vegetarian fast food!) and then dined at Eden Alley in KC. It’s a delicious vegetarian/vegan restaurant all people should try. If you’re ever in KC at the Plaza the establishment is located in the bottom of the Unitarian Church.

We started our trip in Lawrence and visited a few of our favorite shops there. If only Sarah’s Fabrics had a closer location…but then I might be in trouble! After that we headed to KC and stayed around the Plaza that evening and the next morning. On Saturday we headed up to the River Market to visit my favorite antique store. 30,000 sq/ft of great finds…I could spend days just looking around! I ended up with a new stock of vintage buttons to use in my sewing!

Between my great fabric and these buttons I’m sure to be busy the next few weekends! Oh, also at the River Market someone had painted an Edward (yes, from Twilight) chair. I walked up the third set of stairs and BAM there it was in front of me! I had to snap a picture! There was even a Boo Team Edward flyer sitting on the chair (you’ll see it if you look very closely!). Oh what a fun surprise in the antique mall!


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