Running and Mardi Gras

Today proved pretty eventful. My morning started bright (well, overcast) and early with a 16 mile long run. And guess what…it was pain-free! I guess the minor adjustments my Podietrist made to my orthotics last week did the trick. (see the joy on my face!)

After splitting a Mellow Mushroom cheeseless Tempeh and Pineapple pizza and a cold beer (and well deserved after that run if I may say so!) we set out to Dickson St. to watch the annual Dickson St. Mardi Gras Parade. Being family friendly it is a G-rated parade, but there are always a few characters that turn out. Many pictures were taken of the floats (one boasted silver christmas trees and a winter wonderland theme – think bad prom backdrop – and another a dragon motorcycle complete with a man dressed as a wizard riding it and smoke coming out the tail) and even snapped a few pictures of some ‘what were they thinking’ outfits in the crowd. Overall, the turnout was great.  ‘The World’s Largest King Cake’ was gone before parade even made it down to Dickson. …I’m not sure if it’s the world’s largest, but it’s quite a site to see. I think, since it was warmer this year than last a ton of people (well, a couple thousand or so) came out and lined the streets of downtown Fayetteville to enjoy the Festivities!

Happy Mardi Gras!


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