New Orleans to Phoenix

Arriving last week to 70 degrees and no humidity was wonderful! I’ve enjoyed a few  sunny days in the Valley of the Sun and a day of rain yesterday. As a result of the rain, Iwas able to see a beautiful rainbow that stretched from one side of the sky to another!

Besides one wet day, the sunrises and sunsets of the other days have been beautiful. The desert is so green due to all the rain Phoenix has been receiving this winter. And watching the sun peek out from the ‘lush’ landscape (aka mountain weeds) has been a great change from the bare trees of Fayetteville! I was also able to get out Saturday and enjoy 19 miles of running in the area. Though my run kept me on major streets (it’s how I know my mile markers here!), I did include a few areas of desert beauty in the route. Thunderbird Mountain is always a great place to loop around! I didn’t run with my camera on Saturday, but below are a few pictures from St. Charles Street from my last New Orleans run and a couple of last night’s rainbow.


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