Chocolate Cake at 10 am?!

Yes, you heard it right. It’s a chocolate cake and coffee day. Between my 7 cup pot of Carmelia coffee and a GIANT slice of ‘Peppermint Pat’ Cake I’m doing well on my sugar high!

To start with the cake. I’m not usually a chocolate cake person, but this week called for something along those lines. So, last night I made the first chocolate cake I’ve made in …well, since I can remember. I started with a basic Chocolate Sponge Cake and made Peppermint Ganache Icing. Yum! So, I named my cake the ‘Peppermint Pat’. Its light and super delicious! When are peppermint and chocolate not great together?! I added a bit of vanilla buttercream in the middle of the cake (to add the two layers together) and then piped green dots around the edges in honor of St. Pat’s Day on Wednesday. It’s a super decadent cake! Yum!

I also got a shipment of all my Advanced Reader’s Copy books yesterday! Thank you publishers that I visited with last week. I got the advanced reader’s copy of James Patterson’s newest Women’s Murder Club Book (9th  – The Judgement), the Jodi Picoult that came out this week, a few copies of new Christian Romance Fiction (a vice of mine!), and some new books by up and coming authors.


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