Off to Kalamazoo

Kind of sounds like a song doesn’t it?! So, along with loosing an hour (or ‘springing’ forward if you look at it that way) last night, I switched over to Eastern Time today and am now two hours ahead! All I can think of is the sleep I’ve lost. Boo! Anyway, I am spending the first part of my week in good ol’ Kalamazoo. I arrived to pretty chilly and overcast weather today, but hope the forecast (which has the rest of the week sunny and in the upper 50’s) holds out to be true. Oh the nice runs I’ll have!

So, this is my week of B&B’s. For the most part I’ve booked some of my favorite places to stay. I’m starting the week at the Kalamazoo House, a circa 1858 B&B in downtown Kalamazoo. This is my first time staying here and I already love it – wine at 5:30, warm cookies before bed, and a full homemade breakfast with coffee that starts at 7 am! Delicious! I could get use to this! My room is quaint and decorated very tastefully with antiques. The wallpaper is a great mauve and cream vintage print of flowers and what I can only guess are pine cones – feminine and woodsy! Then the furniture is very simple and to the period of the house. There is a lot of floral in the room (wallpaper and bedspread), but it doesn’t give off that grandma vibe. Oh, plus who doesn’t like fresh flowers on their nightstand?! Between the modern amenities (wi-fi, dvd player, and a nice flat screen tv) this place is definitely a winner in my book! Oh, and did I mention this place has central AC and heat? Nice.


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