Back from Tennessee…

So, this is going to be a long post (just a warning)! Last we spoke I was in Nashville. So on Thursday I headed to Sewanee, TN and then down to Chattanooga for the night. I choose to stay in Chattanooga because 1) The hotel on campus in Sewanee was full (not too many choices in a town of 1500), 2) supposedly there is a great trail system in Chattanooga and 3) Chattanooga has a local natural foods store and I knew that I would have a place to eat! So, after spending the day in Sewanee, which is beautiful by the way, I made my way down the mountain to Chattanooga.

I have to say despite the grey weather, the trail system in the city was wonderful to run on. I’d put Chattanooga in my Top 5 favorite running cities so far. The trail ran along the Tennessee River and through a couple great Historic Districts of town. There was also a pedestrian bridge that connected the North Shore to the South Shore. The run consisted of lots of sight-seeing (there were sculpture gardens near the Art Museum), a great district of old houses along the TN River (Battery Historic District), and the fact that all the dogwood trees were in bloom made the run even better! I was also able to take a little detour and run through the downtown area of Chattanooga and see what it had to offer.

I got back into Fayetteville on Friday. Ran 20 miles on Saturday morning – last long run of my KS training – Yeah! The taper starts today and I’m now 3 weeks out from my marathon. So, because I ran so much yesterday I get two ‘free’ days to bake and eat. Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies last night and German Chocolate Cupcakes today. Notice a chocolate trend here?! So, I’ve been wanting some German Chocolate Cake for a couple weeks and decided to give it a go and try to make it vegan. The icing didn’t set as well as I was hoping, but it was still SUPER delicious! MMMmmmm….


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