Running in…The Smoky Mountains

Brian joined me on my trip this week. We headed to Nashville yesterday. The journey started fine, but we ran into some wicked weather and flight delays – what’s a spring flight without some weather delays?! When we got to Nashville we were welcomed by rain. It kept coming down and kept coming down (to the tune of 13+ inches!). So, when we got up this morning and it was still raining, we decided to head east to drier cities!

After getting to Knoxville (and driving through some of the heaviest rain I’ve ever seen in my life) we decided to head south a bit to see the Smokies. I mean, what’s a trip to East Tennessee without seeing the Mountains? After driving and enjoying the sights, we ended the day trip with a trial run. I’ve always been a fan of trail running, or at least the idea of it. I was enjoying the run up until the point we crossed paths with a hiker, who as nonchalantly telling us the weather was nice, said, “I just saw a bear down by the creek, but I think I scared if off.” At the word bear, I was done. As I said, trail running is fun, until vicious animals show up!


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