More about Running in the Smokies, Farmer’s Market, and Joe Martin Stage Race

These were taken a few weeks ago, but it was such a great run I needed to share the pictures with everyone! Brian traveled with me on my last trip to Nashville, so we went up a day early to spend time with friends. Little did we know that it was supposed to rain so much it would flood. After a very soggy 24 hours in Nashville, we headed to East Tennessee a day early and went to the Smokies where it wasn’t as wet, just gray! Here are some pictures from that day and a few of Nashville under water…

Also a weekly event is the Saturday Farmer’s Market. Usually we trek down there with our Neighbor, Katie, so last week we snapped a few pictures while out and about. Typically good Arsaga’s Coffee and Flowers make their way home. I was also able to pick up some DELICIOUS Veggies last week (the butter lettuce was amazing!). Also on the weekend of the 9th the Joe Martin Stage Race was in town, so we were able to catch some good Professional Cycling just steps outside our door!


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