French Quarter and Magazine Street

Magazine Street happens to be one of my new favorite places in New Orleans. Not only is the Whole Foods there (which I gravitate towards for each meal!), but there is a treasure trove of local shops. I visited Buffalo Exchange, Lili (a great little vintage dress boutique), a couple mid-century modern antique stores, and just a few local decor shops. This all happened on my run I took after work and was able to pop into each store for a break from the afternoon heat!

Next, I hopped the street car down to the French Quarter to take in the atmosphere and people of New Orleans. This was my first adventure on a street car and I can’t imagine riding the car when it’s much hotter (it was 90 today)! Though it was a beautiful stroll down to Canal St., the lack of circulating air resulted in a bit of nausea and made me wish I had hopped a cab. Yuck. Despite this, I was able to get a few pictures of the French Quarter and the River Market.  So Enjoy!


One thought on “French Quarter and Magazine Street

  1. Great pictures! Seems like yesterday your dad and I were enjoying the food, scenery, and excitement of watching Matt at the Zurich Classic and visiting with you guys at the outdoor table we choose at the resturant. Took the street car myself….but of the joy of 90 degree temperature to intensify the experience.

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