Seattle Marathon, Portland, and Phoenix Vacation

I know, I know…it’s been way too long since I last posted something. I’ll put in a few installments from the last couple months this week. I have been traveling so much, that when I get home I tend to have tunnel vision for things that need to get done and I forget about everything else! Thus, posting pictures and gabbing about all the great things I come across in my travels gets moved to the back burner. But, no more! I vow not to slack anymore! So, the biggest fun thing in the last couple months was definitely vacation! Who doesn’t love vacation?! Brian and I flew out to Portland to hang out with my sisters for the first part of the week. We really enjoyed the city (and the much cooler temps in the summer!). Who couldn’t get use to 75 degrees everyday in July?! Nice. Anyway, in Portland we did a lot of exploring. The sisters live in the Northwest, which is a great neighborhood. We also visited the Mississippi Street area, the Southeast and then hit a couple food carts in the Southwest. So, we made our rounds (all on foot I might add; lots of running and walking!). It was a beautiful city and I’m already planning a second visit to see the girls!

And of course, a trip to the Pacific Northwest wouldn’t be complete without a jot up to Seattle. We took an overnight to Seattle and ran the Seattle Marathon on that Saturday. Lauren, Jayme, and I ran the race together (Jayme’s first Marathon!) and stayed together the entire time, all crossing the finish line in 4:30:29. Good for us! I thought it was a wonderful first run for Jayme! Along with the run, we spent some time in Pioneer Square and ate at a wonderful little restaurant called Cafe Paloma. Go eat there if you’re ever nearby! It was so delicious!  It was a quick trip to the city, but the run took us by Pike Place, all the Stadiums, and gave us gorgeous views of the Sound!

After Portland and Seattle, B headed home and I flew Southwest to Phoenix! Oh, Phoenix in July. How hot can one city get?! I think 115 is my limit. I pretty much lounged poolside all day and visited a few of my favorite stores. If you’re ever in the area there is a place called Last Chance that is run by Nordstrom and pretty much it’s the last place their merchandise goes, so it’s super cheap (the 51 and Camelback Rd). It’s a must visit in Phoenix for shopping in my opinion! I read two books, drank good wine, and got a few days worth of a sun tan. Great way to end the vacation!

Enjoy the pictures!


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