Cardamom Spiced Vegan Snickerdoodles

Do you know those nights when you REALLY want something sweet, but you don’t want to drive and get it (yes, I don’t keep sweets in the house). Well, it was one of those nights. Thus forcing me (you notice I write that with lots of sarcasm) to make a batch of cookies. I was good, I made a half batch – just enough for a sweet fix and then to send some with B and his friends for their round of golf in the morning. Versus go down the Oatmeal or Chocolate Chip road (partially because I only have steel oats and no vegan chocolate chips in the house right now), I decided to branch out and whip up a batch of something I haven’t made in a while.

So, I started having a conversation with myself as I was thinking of all the types of cookies I could make…

“What do I have in my spice cabinet? More importantly, do I have enough flour? Do I even have all-purpose flour?” I then started sorting through my pantry and spice cabinet. The conversation went on, “I have cocoa, ginger, cayenne – maybe a spicy chocolate tea cookie. Tea?! MMmmm…snickerdoodles and hot tea. That’s perfect! Just what I’m in the mood for.”

This resulted in a pot of delicious Vanilla Cinnamon Tea and the whipping up of a small batch of Cardamom Spiced Vegan Snickerdoodles. When have you ever known me to follow a recipie and stick to just plan snickerdoodles?! So, here is my variation on the classic:


1/2 cup of Earth Balance Soy Butter

1 cup of Sugar

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

a dash of Almond Extract

1 Ener-G Egg Replacer

1 1/2 cups of Flour

1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar

1/4 tsp Baking Powder

1/4 tsp Powdered Ginger

1/4 tsp Cardamom

Mixture of Cinnamon, Sugar, and dash of Cardamom to roll cookies in at the end


Cream the Soy Butter and Sugar. Add in the Vanilla and Almond Extract. Add in the Egg Replacer. When fluffy, add in flour, cream of tartar, baking powder, ginger, and cardamom. After combined, roll dough into a ball and wrap in plastic. Allow to cool in the fridge for up to two hours. After the dough is chilled, roll dough into small balls about 1/2″ in diameter and roll in the sugar mixture. Place on a cookie sheet and use a fork to press down a little. Bake at 375 for 10 minutes and allow to cool on a wire rack.

Pour a spot of tea and enjoy!


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