Fall in the Big Easy

On Saturday I arrived in New Orleans as the first wave of ‘fall-like’ weather blew in. Apparently when the morning lows are in the 60’s and the highs climb into the low 80’s, the natives start to break out winter clothes. I can’t even tell you how many jackets I saw while on this mornings run. It was bizarre! But then again, when I lived in Mississippi if the morning temperatures were below 60 degrees then people started to break out their North Face fleeces. Oh Southerners and your North Face jackets!

It’s been a great trip to New Orleans. I actually started my journey in Kentucky last Thursday and migrated South over the weekend, where I got to spend some time with my Mimi. Very relaxing and enjoyable. Tomorrow I’m off to Phoenix for a weekend with the parents. So, before I have to leave the Big Easy, I decided to spend a little time in the French Quarter.  After work today I went and visited a couple shops that I deem must-sees when in New Orleans. So, you ask, what are these must-sees I talk about? Well, first on Chartes St. there is a little boutique called UAL (there are also locations in Nashville and Hattiesburg, which I also I always visit), but the one in the French Quarter is packed with all sorts of random designer digs and shoes the others don’t always have. The other store is a vintage dress shop on Magazine Street called Lili’s Vintage Boutique. It has some of the best vintage dresses, purses, and jewelry. So, I stopped by those shops, did a little walking around, people watching, a bit of soaking up of local flavor (oh the mermen…), and picture taking in Jackson Square.


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