Fall in Fayetteville is FINALLY here!

Though fall temperatures have been creeping in the past few weeks, the trees are getting very colorful! Though we are a few weeks away from peak leaf colors, the tops of most oaks and maples are getting very red. It’s such a beautiful site! And speaking of colors, I head back up to Michigan on Thursday for a week of work, a marathon, and then ending the trip with a girls weekend with a very good friend in New York! A week from today I’m running the Detroit Marathon and am getting very excited. As of today, the weather next Sunday in Detroit is 43 low/53 high and sunny. You couldn’t ask for a better day to try and run a sub-4 hour marathon!

Then two weekends from now, I’m meeting up with a girlfriend in New York for a weekend of Broadway Shows, Shopping, and Museums! I’m so looking forward to it. To top it off, I had 2 free nights at any Hilton Hotel, so the Waldorf it is! I always see it in movies, so it will be fun to stay right in Manhattan on Central Park. I just love going for runs in Central Park and am just as pumped about that as the marathon the weekend before.

This past week Fayetteville was actually a hoppin’ place to be. Thursday B and I went out to the First Thursday Art Walk downtown and enjoyed great local art and a couple of our favorite local bands. The next night I went to the film fest that was going on for the weekend and saw a good movie  and a good documentary (Dive! – about dumpster diving for wasted food). Then ended the weekend with my last (yes, last for a few weeks before the training picks back up for the Charlotte Marathon in Dec.) long run. The trees, crisp fall air, and abundance of honeycrisp apples (I bought 5 lbs of them this weekend and I bet that won’t last me but a few days) means fall has finally reached Fayetteville!


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