Detroit Free Press Marathon

Grabbing some breakfast before heading to Downtown for the Race Start

5:40 am came very early, but after chomping down a pear really quick, I slept-walked out the door and headed out to the marathon start. It was a great day for a marathon – 40’s for the start 50’s for the finish…nice! When I got to the start line, I found the 3:55 pace group. My thinking in joining the 3:55 group versus the 4 hour group was that when I slowed down towards the end I would have a 5 minute buffer to reach my goal. I am SO glad I did!

The race started in the dark, but by the time I was at the Ambassador Bridge (cross into Canada) the sunrise was in full blaze. The pink and blue-ish colored clouds were so gorgeous! Then after a few miles in Canada, I entered the tunnel back to Michigan. Once back stateside, the route went through downtown, Mexicantown, Corktown, and Indian Village. The houses in Indian Village were great and made for a nice view around mile 18. I defiantly was cruising through the race until I hit mile 21. Suddenly my hamstrings started to revolt! Having minimal elevation change really started to take its toll. I then willed myself (yes, it was a hard mental last 5 miles) to keep at least a 10 min mile pace. By this point I knew I’d be super close to the four-hour mark and I wouldn’t let a couple of minutes get me, again. So, when I reached mile 25, I had about 11 minutes to finish up. I was able to pull it together, take deep breaths through the nausea, wiggle the arm cramps out, and forge on. And lo and behold, I crossed the finish line in under 4 hours! So, you’re just dying to know what my actual finishing time was, aren’t you?! Well, it was 3:59:18. A full 42 seconds under four hours, but hey, I’ll take it! 3:59 sounds much better than 4 hours. Now, if my legs will only ache less I’ll be good!

I look a whole lot more chipper than I felt!


4 thoughts on “Detroit Free Press Marathon

  1. ashley,
    congratulations on getting to the finish line in record time. i admire your determination to keep on running in spite of the pain.

    looking forward to your visit in december. will be nice to have brian here as well.

    peg told me of your change of plans. i will be around but have a few obligations.


  2. I enjoyed reading your “blog” and feel as if I have been on a journey with you.

    Cpongrats on the race. WOW! you are one detemined young lady……..enduring the pain to finish the race.

    Looking forward to your visit in December. Peg shared your change of plans with me. I will be in town but have a couple of commitments. Will be happy to have Brian here,

  3. Oh my gosh! Ash we are so proud of you!

    Dad really enjoyed the interpretation of your run as I read him your post-post race. I can just imagine the pain. I recall the first hand experience of watching quite well watching Jayme and Lauren in the Baton Rouge Marathon. It is quite grueling for the spectator(parent) as well!

    We are looking so forward to your Christmas visit. Tell Brian that Michael has golf plans for them.

    Great Job!

  4. By the way, your lil’ sister’s blog is

    They will be adding their creation Chocolate-Orange Cupcake
    that she and Kendall made Friday night.

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