Au Revoir Michigan….Bonjour NYC!

Sometimes the little things in life can make your day. Do you know what I mean? A cup of blueberry cinnamon coffee from Cups, the time to sit down and read a novel from cover to cover, or going for a run and getting to watch the sunrise. Today one of those little things happened. …well, almost happened. You see I was bragging a bit to my mother this afternoon about not using a map today (yes, you see, a little thing!). I made it to both of my library visits, my lunch place and dinner place (mmMMMmmm…Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak) sans map. I was feeling really good. So after dinner as I hopped on the 696 to head to my hotel, during the drive I called my Mom to chat and I began to gloat about my direction skills. That’s when things turned sour, as soon as I hung up with her, I realized I had taken a wrong interstate for my turn off. It’s no fun going 10 miles in the wrong direction. After backtracking and merging onto the correct interstate I made it safe and sound to my hotel.

There was something good that came out of the getting lost. I got to watch an amazing sunset. The coulds were billowy, heavy, purplish and full of rain. When the sun started to go down they turned colors of bright, blazing pink! I had to pull off the interstate to snap a few quick pictures. The photos don’t do it justice, but you can see the great colors in the sky that made for a not so bad getting lost drive!

Another funny thing happened today – I got my race pictures in. (they are very low resolution when I copied them, so the quality below isn’t the greatest). The one below is from Mile 18. I saw the camera girl, so I made sure to put on a good face! I was feeling pretty yuck at this point, but you can’t tell from here!

This one is from the finish line. I just stopped my watch and realized that I cut it close to the four-hour mark (I started 8 minutes behind the timer with my wave). I knew I was a few seconds quicker than 4 hours, so I could now relax!

The week in Michigan has been great. I couldn’t have asked for a better fall visit, visit with friends, or enjoyable runs! Tomorrow morning I’m heading to NYC for a little getaway weekend and can’t wait to enjoy some time in the city! Hopefully I’ll have some great stories and pictures to post in the next few days…check back soon…


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