A Total Tourist Day!

To preface this, I must stay I am super tired. I think it’s been a long time since I was this tired at 6 pm. Okay, so on to the day. We visited a couple big tourist spots today around Colorado Springs. We started the day an hour south in Canon City at the Royal Gorge. This is a beautiful gorge that the Arkansas River runs through. While at the park we rode the train down to the bottom and then took the tram across from one side to the other. It was a gorgeous day to do this!

After a picnic lunch, we headed back into the Springs to check out the sights at Garden of the Gods. This was such a beautiful place to walk around and take in the beauty of creation! We both stared at the huge red and white rocks that were just sticking out of the earth. It was as if someone had stabbed the earth from the inside and the ends of the (insert weapon of choice) were exposed. We spent an hour or so walking trails and taking some great pictures before heading back to walk around Old Town Colorado City.

It was a great day, but after being out stopping and going since breakfast I will be ready for sleep (after I catch up with a colleague that lives here over a pumpkin ale…mmmmMMMmm). Enjoy the pictures – they don’t do the two sites justice, but at least you can see the beauty of the day!


One thought on “A Total Tourist Day!

  1. What a great way to end your vacation. The pictures remind me of a trip out West our family took the summer of my 7th grade. One doesn’t really appreciate the beauty and amazing awe you feel when you behold the wonder of how creation has taken on this form over all the years of existence.
    So glad you shared these with us. Have a wonderful rest on then back to the real world!

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