Oh My Sesamoids…

Does anyone have a good pair of right foot sesamoids they want to trade me? I went to the doctor today due to an achy right foot and was prepared for bad news. My initial thought was a stress fracture on the front right bone of my foot. However, my x-rays came back clean, so it’s just a stress response at this point. So, after the doc did some fancy work to my orthotics, she told me I should be good to go. So, I ask, why does it still hurt?! I guess it’s going to take some time…hopefully I won’t have to cancel my marathon 5 weeks from Saturday.

So, I wonder, how much can I pay someone to switch their right foot with me? $100? $200? …$300 is my limit, but for a fast right foot I might just pay a bit more!


One thought on “Oh My Sesamoids…

  1. So glad that you didn’t have a stress fracture!
    Now on to the real work of healing before the next marathon.

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