Back in the Big Easy

New Orleans greeted me with some wonderful weather today – mid 60’s the rest of the week. Just perfect! I did forget my camera on this trip (boo hiss), so I won’t be posting any great pictures, but I will explain all the great things I see with words!

I actually got up before the sunrise today to go pump some iron (do people still say that?!) and on my way home I took in the gorgeous winter-like sunrise. Did you ever notice that winter sunrises and summer sunrises have different colors? Winter sunrises are more dusty roses and light purples with hints of blue sprinkled in. Anyway, the winter sunrises have started to grace us with their presence in Fayetteville and I like it! So on my two block walk home from the gym, along with enjoying the sunrise, I started to ponder all my favorite things. What brought this on, I’m not sure. But I figure, if Oprah can have her ‘Favorite Things’, than so can I!

Ash’s Favorite things (as of this moment):

1. Winter Sunrises

2. People watching in busy airports (as long as it’s not during a delay)

3. A warm bowl of steel oats, cinnamon, and blueberries

4. Holiday Flavored Coffees (…I can’t wait until the 4 winter flavored beans come out by CUPS – I will be shipping those to my house. Hello, Frosty’s Favorite!)

5. Vintage Dress Shops (my favorite NOLA vintage dress shop is on the ‘To Do’ list after work tomorrow!)

6. Whiskers on Kittens

7. Kittens for that matter!

8. Tofurky (mmmm….Thanksgiving is almost here)

9. Watching old Sitcoms via Netflix

10. And last but not least, good christian romances (there could be worst vices!). I tend to keep this little secret hidden, but when I find a new good read sometimes I just need to talk about it! My new Siri Mitchell (good new-ish author if you need a suggestion) book on the flight helped me make it through the LONG day!


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