Not Everyday You Get to Run by a Famous Person

You’re curious who it was huh? Well, I’ll get to that…

The day started with work, which is always enjoyable. I had a couple of hours between appointments during lunch and decided to swing by my vintage dress shop. To my dismay, it didn’t open on time and wasn’t open by the time I finished browsing the racks at Buffalo Exchange across the street. However,  not to be disappointed, I hit the jackpot for vintage dresses at Buffalo Exchange. I guess some old lady cleaned her closet out recently, as all three pieces I bought were from the same wardrobe (they shared the same tailor’s tags). And guess what, they fit like a glove! I picked up three very beautiful vintage (think Mad Med Joan) dresses. I’d say they were made in the mid-60’s and are in pristine condition! One is cream and very early mod looking, the other is black and cream hounds-tooth and made of a wonderful thick wool stretch fabric, and last is a two piece dress (dress and jacket) made of a great blackish-gray dark wool fabric and fits like it was made for me! I’ll have to post pictures when I get home. The best part was the price, each was between $12 and $20. Crazy! I’m so excited to wear them. A couple little alterations and they’ll be ready to take on my next business trip!

So, after my second meeting I met a fellow running librarian for an after work run. I run with him each time I’m in New Orleans and it always makes for great company; plus, it’s always nice to run with a local because they know the best routes. We ran a great 5 mile loop around Audubon Park and the Zoo. During our second loop around the park we ran by James Carville.  If you don’t recognize the name, I’m sure you’d recognize his face, as he is a pretty well-know liberal debtor on many news channels. He said hello to us as we passed (he knows the guy I was running with).

Now my foot just hurts from that run and I’m seriously thinking about bowing out from my scheduled marathon in 4 weeks. No use in running on a hurt foot only to be out of the running game longer than I want to be. So, I may defer my race yet another year and just plan on going to watch the marathon this year (scope out the competition…you know that kind of thing!) and run it next year. We’ll see. Maybe my foot will miraculously recover in the next two weeks in time for me to get in a long run. However, I seriously doubt that!


One thought on “Not Everyday You Get to Run by a Famous Person

  1. AHHHH:( So sorry to hear the foot pain hasn’t completely been aleaviated and you may have to bow out of your Charlotte race till next year.
    No one knows our body like we do, and being sensative and sensible to the “red flags” we experience go a long way to ensure healing and recovery. I know you will listen to your body and make the best choice.
    Glad to hear the “rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say.
    You had an interesting run and a swell ending to what sounds like a very! productive day.

    Continued today: Friday: Glad you were safe on I-10 going to the airport. tks for sharing events for Matt with me and
    keeping the family in your prayers…

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