Nothing Like a ‘New’ Vintage Dress

I feel like it’s going to be a good week. Monday’s aren’t that bad, right? This morning I got up before sunrise to go workout (I think that deserves a little pat on the back!). In doing this (three weeks in a row now on Mon and Wed – kudos to me), I find that it’s always hard to peel myself out of the comfort of warm blankets and down feathers, but once I do get up, go to the gym, and finish (or sleep through!) a good workout, I always feel invigorated. Plus, now that all the leaves are gone, there is the added bonus of seeing the sunrise coming over Mount Sequoyah on my walk home. I love that God gave us sunrises and beauty in nature!

Enough about my early morning, I was pretty productive on the sewing front yesterday. I was given about 20 patterns over the weekend (most were from the 60’s – fab!) and as a result I just had to sew! There are a few fabric stores in a couple of cities I travel to that have a wonderful selection of goods, so I’ve had a few yards of this and that in my closet waiting for the right pattern. So on Saturday I started a dress. I’m using a cotton/silk blend for it (very luxe) and I’m using the top part of a 1950’s gown and the bottom of one from the 60’s. I love love love circle skirts, but I didn’t have enough fabric for it. …apparently I didn’t have enough fabric for what I started. Oh well, I guess I’ll be ordering 1 more yard online to finish it. I’ll post pictures of it when I’m done.

I didn’t want the efforts to go to waste, so I picked out another pattern and got to work. This was a pattern from 1952. I took a little bit of creative freedom with it and brought them hem up about 2 inches and used vintage buttons for clasps on the straps. Overall, it was a quick dress to make and I think turned out great. …too bad it’s a cotton summer number. Oh well, I guess I’ll enjoy looking at it in my closet throughout the winter and look forward to spring when I can wear it with a cardigan and boots. Anyway, I snapped a few pictures of it while I was doing my second fitting of it, so they aren’t fancy, but you can see the great Amy Butler fabric I choose and the overall look of the dress. …I’m taking orders if you like it! …we’ll, I’ll take any excuse to sew a dress!

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2 thoughts on “Nothing Like a ‘New’ Vintage Dress

  1. Sooooo cute! It makes we want to start sewing again,
    so I wonder who you got the sewing creativity from? Dad or me? or your grandmother? That is beside the point! The dress looks great and fits like a glove. If my figure were anywhere near yours, then I would be requesting one just like it so you would have a good “excuse” to sew another one.

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