Trampsing around the South trying to stay Warm

Boy was it cold in the South this week!  I saw my first snow of the season this week. Burr! My journey started on Monday when I drove from Charlotte to Asheville. I was able to stay the night with some old friends and enjoy the sudden snow fall that came upon the town very quickly, only to stop just as suddenly as it started. I got up extra early the next morning to drive through the Smokies from Asheville to Knoxville. Though I ended up not needing the extra hour for bad weather, I enjoyed a lovely snowfall and sunrise on the Smokey Mountains. I tried to snap a quick picture as I was driving up a mountain and descending into a valley, only when I went to do so my camera battery was dead, so I didn’t get to capture the beauty of the moment.

Later Tuesday afternoon I headed from Knoxville to Birmingham. I spent the next couple evenings in Alabama. Despite the cold, I had an enjoyable work visit and was also able to finish up my Christmas shopping at a few favorite stores. I also tried out a wonderful Vintage Store near the University of Alabama-Birmingham called Zoe. If you’re ever in the Birmingham area, look it up…it”s great! The staff was super friendly, the vintage selection was very nice, and they had a store cat. What’s better than a store cat?! Not much I say!  The next day I was off and made the long drive back to Charlotte.

I have been spending the reast of the weekend enjoying friends and family. Since I deferred my entry in the Charlotte Marathon yet another year due to injury, I bundled up and headed out this morning to watch Brian and our friends, Sarah and Victor, run. They all did great, we’ll almost all of them did great! (just kidding) And I had a great time watching the race. I’m already excited to run it next year!

Feeling (not so) good after a long race!

Aside from racing and visiting, I did some great second-hand shopping! In Charlotte I visited a fabulous antique mall called the Sleepy Poet on South Blvd. I found some wonderful vintage buttons, two great patterns from the early 1960’s, and enjoy fabric to craft a wonderful dress – and the best part about it is that it is vintage too! I also made sure to visit the two best reviewed vintage stores in Charlotte and found a gorgeous jacket (which I will probably wear everywhere) at Hong Kong Vintage on Central. I’ll post some pictures of my finds when I get back home so that all of you can enjoy them too!

I’m back home tomorrow and then off to Michigan (fingers crossed all the snow finishes up by the time I have to drive from Detroit to Grand Rapids on Tuesday) on Tuesday. I’m very excited about my trip next week, as I get to visit friends, stay in my favorite B&B, and dine at my favorite restaurant in the state. My taste buds are going crazy just thinking about it! Then before you know it, Christmas will be hear and it will be off to Phoenix for sun and fun! Yippee!


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