And after 1200 miles…

Merry Christmas! Yesterday we began our journey to Phoenix and made it safe and sound just after sunset. Though we aren’t doing Christmas with presents and cards and laughs and the whole big traditional meal until tomorrow, my mom, sisters and I have been relaxing and soaking in the warmth of the day while all the guys are playing a round of golf. Sunny, warm, beautiful Arizona. It was a long (but not too bad) drive. However, before we got here we had to drive through….

Fields of Oklahoma (this was about 8 am)…

The stock yards of Texas (around 10:30 am)…

And New Mexico (crossed into at noon and changed time zones)  just kept going…minus a nice break of gorgeous mountains in Albuquerque, the state was very expansive!

Then at the end of the long day we were rewarded with a FABULOUS sunset in Flagstaff. (5:30 pm) It was so beautiful, we had to stop at a ‘viewing spot’ to snap a few pictures.

All said and done, the drive started at 4 am CT and ended at 7 pm AZ Time. A nice 16 hour commute. During the trip we saw: 10 Tumbleweeds, a Swarm of Birds, a Steak House that offered a Free 72 oz. steak if you could finish it within an hour, Top of Texas Catholic Superstore, license plates from 35 different states, and a temperature change of 30 degrees (started at 30 and ended at 60). But I can say one thing…I’m glad it’s over and I am not letting myself think of the 18 hours back to Fayetteville…


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