And the First Snow of Winter Falls in NW Arkansas

Yep, you heard it right here. We got our first snow today. It is more like a dusting that is freezing during the evening and making things way too slick in the mornings, but hey, it’s only early January. I’m sure we’ll get a few more inches before Sister Winter makes her way out. But a fresh layer of snow does make things bright and shiny. I like it!

So, aside from snow, I really wanted to tell you about my ‘new additions’ to the house. Over the holidays, I received one piece of furniture and picked up another. I’ll start with my acquisition first. To do so, I need to go back a year. In late 2008 when I was looking for a Danish Modern bedroom suite, I ran across a crazy cheap one in Rogers, AR. When I went to view it, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit to it because it had this basket weave design I hadn’t seen before. I wasn’t sold on the design, so I went home, slept on the purchase, and the next morning, the crazy cheap price and the amazing condition the set was in swayed me to make the purchase! So, in the end, instead of buying the 4 piece bedroom suite (bed, chest of drawers, dresser, nightstand and 2 mirrors), I was able to get an even better price and just take home the nightstand, chest of drawers, and dresser. Back to the present, over the last year I have come to love this line of furniture (Lane Deception); so much so, I started collecting it. I still kick myself for not purchasing all 4 pieces…what was I thinking?! …Back to the piece I acquired. On a trip to Phoenix last year I found the dresser and mirror (well, a different version of the mirror, but from the same line of Lane furniture). And after talking to its current owner, I was able to purchase the mirror by itself with all the hardware to attach it to my dresser! Score! So, that’s the first new addition to the house. After some elbow grease yesterday, I successfully attached the mirror to my dresser. And I have to say it looks very nice.

Okay, so now the gift. A couple of months ago my dad called me excited that he had found the coffee table to my set. I have been looking for the small coffee table for many months with no luck. So, dad found it and was able to get it for an unbelievable deal. Anyway, ‘Santa’ gave it to me for Christmas! Now, I have the entire bedroom set (sans headboard and foot board) and living room set. One of my side tables needs some major refinishing and this coffee table had quite a few small knicks and it could use a sanding and restaining. …a project for this summer when things warm up, I guess. Anyway, both pieces look right at home.

On a sewing note, I completed a very vintage dress over the weekend. I have to say, I’m getting better at this sewing thing. This was my first attempt at sleeves and I think they turned out nicely. For this dress, I used a vintage fabric ($5 for 3 yards, you can’t beat that!), a vintage day dress pattern from the 1950’s, and four beautiful vintage celluloid buttons (in the shape of a basket). All these came from the Sleepy Poet Antique shop in Charlotte, NC. So if you’re ever in Charlotte, they have a nice vintage pattern, dress, and fabric section worth the stop. So, for less than $15 I have a very authentic ‘new’ vintage dress. I can’t wait for spring to wear this little lady!

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One thought on “And the First Snow of Winter Falls in NW Arkansas

  1. Ahhh! The mirror looks right at home, as does the table. So glad we have
    people in the world that like the “old” made “new”. So you didn’t necessarily “ring out the old” this year, but brought new life to it. Sweet.
    The dress reminds me of Mom. She would have so worn that to teach her Math classes at Dexter High School in the 50’s-early 60’s. Matches her coloring beautifully. You must take it to MS and let her see. I’m sure it would bring back memories and she’d recall the days as if it were yesterday. It’s funny how time passes so quickly. The years we acquire seem as days and minutes in the span of our life. But yet a day can seem an eternity at times. I am very happy to see our yester years brought to new life in the present. So too would those who enjoyed these treasurses in the past.

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