Who lives like this?!

It’s 7 outside. Yes, 7. How do people live where it’s so cold that a layer of skin falls off each time you walk out the door, your skin then turns a shade lighter everywhere it’s exposed, and finally, walking around requires a special pair of shoes due to the layer of ice on the ground. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t pack enough!

With the high’s not reaching 20 on this trip, I think that I’ll be wearing every piece of clothing I brought each day! Burr. Any suggestions on how to deal with weather this cold? Is it a state of mind that I need to enter in to? Or do you just never get use to it? We’ll see how I fare with the 5-7 inches of snow that is predicted to fall tonight and a high of 12 tomorrow. I did bring my yaktrak shoe cleats. That will look super nice with my work dress! or…maybe I could sleep all day (just kidding)!


3 thoughts on “Who lives like this?!

  1. WEll, the first picture this morning on the today show was of Kansas City!
    MiMi just prayed for you when I called this am. I am on the phone with her now.
    She and I send our love.

  2. I’ve been praying for you, too. Please be careful. The snow is pretty here, but it is layingover ice and the wind chill is 1 now. Take care.

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