The Vintage Day was a Success

The weather stayed pretty calm all day, which made for good shopping. I think the cold kept a few folks inside because traffic was on the light side and made getting around very easy. I started the day at Re-Runs Vintage Warehouse and rummaged through the 1930’s-1960’s decades of racks. I tried on a few things, but only ended up with a couple of ‘new’ aprons. They came from a general store somewhere in rural Missouri and were never finished, thus ‘new’! I have to add a couple of buttons, but overall, the gorgeous mid-century fabric will look beautiful on me as I’m whipping up a batch of cookies in the kitchen!

I then spent a couple of hours at River Market Antiques. It took me a while to get around the 30k square feet of goods, but I made it! I ended up adding another pattern to my collection (a 1950’s vintage skirt) and a few sets of glass buttons. Vintage buttons always add some spice to a dress and keep it authentic!

After that I headed to the Westport neighborhood to what I knew would be my favorite shop of the day. Boy, I wasn’t disappointed! Donna’s Dress Shop was like walking into my dream store. I would love to live closer to this little gem. I’m sure I’d visit it weekly! Though it had new clothes, I spent my time in here with the vintage pieces. I ended up finding two GORGEOUS dresses. The first is a day dress from the 1930’s. Though not my era of dress, this turquoise, hand-embroidered cotton frock caught my eye and called my name! I also purchased a 1940’s linen wiggle dress. It also has hand embroidered detail and a nice curvy fit! Both are one of a kind, hand-made dresses that will be a joy to wear this spring! As I was headed out the door, I noticed a stack of linen fabric out of the corner of my eye. I grabbed about a yard before I left and plan to make a wonderful casual shirt out of it. I’ll post some pictures of the project upon completion. I have the perfect pattern in mind!

During the afternoon hours I swung by a couple other vintage shops in that area, but didn’t find anything else. I ended the day with a dinner at my favorite veggie restaurant in the city. Eden Alley didn’t disappoint. I even ended the meal with a slice of Coconut Chocolate Cake. MmmmMMMMmmm….


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