What?! Did I hear that right….

4-5 more inches of snow tonight. Really? Really?! I was just complaining earlier this week that I haven’t seen enough snow this winter. However, I didn’t mean that I wanted to see 15 inches in a week. Since I left Fayetteville on Wednesday, that’s about how much I’ve seen. I’m just waiting for another round tonight, which should make tomorrow’s journey from KC to Lawrence a little dicey. I was so excited about eating dinner at a favorite place of mine in Lawrence, but now I’m debating whether to stay in KC Sunday night so I can hibernate in my hotel all day. We’ll see.

So now, it’s time to bundle up and enjoy some of the great vintage and antique places in KC before the snow starts to fall. On today’s agenda is a visit to River Market Antiques (30k sq/ft of vintage goods!), Re-Runs Vintage warehouse, a few other vintage dress/ladies boutiques and then ending at the Plaza for a few favorite big box stores and dinner at my favorite veggie cafe (Eden Alley). Then back warm and sound in the hotel before the heavy snow starts. I plan on sleeping very sound through the ordeal tonight. (My fingers are crossed that it’s much lighter than predicted…that can happen here in the Midwest, right?)


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