All is New…

Now that there is a good 6-7 inches of snow on the ground and the crazy winds and cold temps have set it, it’s time to hibernate for a couple of days! This is the coldest weather I’ve felt in Fayetteville since moving here three years ago. -6 on Thursday morning. Burr! Brian and I spend most of today in the living room watching the snow (very heavy at times) fall outside our balcony. He sat channel surfing, ‘watching’ the nothing that is on during the day, and I sat, laptop in tow working my fingers to the bone! It was a super productive day and B even did some dishes for me! Nice!

On our lunch break we ventured out and walked the few blocks to the gym. Lots of snow crunching, shivering, and running noses, but we made it in one piece. It seems most people did stay inside today based on the untouched snow that we walked on downtown. Aside from our little adventure into the elements, the fire has been keeping us warm and cozy inside and we are enjoying the quite ‘snow day’ here in Northwest Arkansas. I love snow when things are all white and shiny, it’s when things turn brown and slushy that it’s not my cup of tea. But for now, I’ll enjoy the quite serene of the day and take in the beauty of winter.


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