Snow again?!

Today turned out to be another snow day for most people in Fayetteville. Our predicted 3-5 inches is now hanging around 12-15 and it’s still falling. Yes, you read that right. I can’t even really see the cars outside my building anymore. I think this is officially the most snow I’ve ever seen fall at one time in my life. It’s very beautiful from the inside of my house, while by the fire, enjoying a cup of southern pecan coffee!

I’ve caught a bit of cabin fever the last couple weeks. Between ice, negative temps, and snow, I haven’t been able to get out too much. This has resulted in a lot of baking and sewing. I’ve made Orange Cinnamon Rolls (recipe and pics to be posted later today), a delicious king cake, so many breads and homemade dinners (I’ve got to start doing some sit ups if this keeps up!), and finished a dress that I started weeks ago. Enjoy the photo montage of dresses, delicious goods, and the snowfall as of 9 am!

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