Is Spring Here?

I do think that Spring has already arrived in Alabama. I drove in today and it was 70, yes 70! Everyone was walking around in shorts and t-shirts. Yeah! I’ve been ready for Spring for a while now (usually I love the winter, but I don’t love snow so much). I think it’s going to be a good week!

My travels are taking me all across the South over the next couple weeks. Alabama through Friday, Tennessee next week, then I’m rounding out the trip with North Carolina the following week. I’ve got some great shows on the agenda when I’m in Nashville and two fun weekends with friends and family. Hopefully I’ll have some fun running trails to post, some video from the shows, posts of a couple new vintage shops I’m visiting in Nashville, and funny stories from the weekend with my great-aunt Julia! Stay tuned…


One thought on “Is Spring Here?

  1. Hi girl,
    Now you see why the “snowbirds” like AZ so much in the winter. Ah! It was 80 yesterday and 76 today. We love it. Enjoy the beautiful weeks in the South. Can’t wait to read all the posts.

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