The Soggy South

I feel like I always bring the rain to Tennessee when I’m here. On my last trip to the state I flew in the day before Nashville experienced a big flood. Today up to 5 inches of rain is predicted to fall. Basically it’s cold and damp…the South’s winter! Other than the washout that is happening as a type, the weather this week has been almost picturesque. With the spring-like temps, I have been able to get in some good runs and try out some new things in the city I haven’t been able to do before.

I did stop at my favorite shops already (UAL) and peruse the racks of fun clothing. Though I came out empty-handed, it was fun to window shop. I have gotten in some fantastic runs the last few days. I finally feel like I’m running full strength again and have probably spent a little too much time pounding the pavement, but I just can’t help it! I have done my routes around Vandy and the West End/Hillsboro neighborhoods, which I always enjoy, but I ventured a little South of the city to Percy Warner Park ( This was such a great place to get in a few miles of trail running and enjoy the 70 degree Sunday. There were some tough hills, but overall, the scenery helped make you forget you were running up!

Along with great running, visiting my favorite little Nashville shops, drinking some delicious coffee, and enjoying time with friends, I have also been trampsing around Central Tennessee for work. So far the travels have gone well and hopefully the rain will move out by morning so I can go for one more nice run! I’ll bring my camera with me this time and snap a few pictures of the great city of Nashville!


One thought on “The Soggy South

  1. ash-

    good thing i read your blog, mainly because i have an big disability right now and that is in communication with family! i am just busy and when i am not i just want to be quiet. however, lauren updated me on yalls conversation today.

    snow pictures look rad. it snowed here yesterday. but melted by the evening. funny is schools closed down.

    your cakes loook divine! too bad you can just open a bakery with me …or something!

    i will call you soon so we can chat.

    love you sweet girl.

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