My First Design – My ‘Mississippi’ Shirt

I’ve always used patterns to make my projects. For the first time I went rogue and created my own design! Yeah! I am very happy with the final outcome. Before I show you the shirt, I have to say that when I bought this fabric in Kansas City, it told me that it wanted to turn into a shirt with a ruffle. I didn’t have a pattern for this, but thought, how hard can this be to make myself? Along with having a ruffle kick out, I knew I wanted it to button down the side and nip in at the natural waist. Now I just had to get all the pieces together to start…

I purchased the fabric in January, but at that point didn’t have the perfect buttons to use for the fastenings. After searching high and wide in my ‘go-to’ flea markets, I ended up finding the perfect buttons in Charlotte. They are art deco glass buttons that add such a nice touch to the shirt. Now with all the materials I needed to create the shirt I had pictured in my head, I got started.

Never really working with delicate linen before, I became best friends with my seam ripper! Luckily, I didn’t have to use it too much, but it never fails that I sew a piece on the wrong side and I did this for the armhole facing and a piece around the waist. But after a few hours and numerous fittings (I really need to get a dress form!), I got my pattern pieces just right and was able to add all the finishing details and ruffle around the bottom.

I finished up the project last night and now am ready for this cool weather to move out so I can pair this beauty with a pencil skirt and pair of pumps. I think it turned out very closely to the picture in my head and that I did this fabric justice!


2 thoughts on “My First Design – My ‘Mississippi’ Shirt

  1. wow! nice job ash.

    too bad you aren’t in these parts of the woods to help do all these neat projects for the day of june 3rd!

    call soon.

    love you.

  2. Just beautiful! And just in time for Spring! Oh the memories of magnolias, dogwoods, and azaleas and getting your Easter outfits made. Many times I have spent the entire night sewing to have your outfits ready.
    Oh, and what a joy and priviledge to have been able to do it!

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