My Week in Pictures

I promised a few pictures of this week. So, Ta Da! – I’ve put together a little montage of the last 7 days or so. You’ll notice quite a few pictures of the new store. We’ve been spending our weekends painting, cleaning, sewing, and prepping for merchandise to start arriving this week. Hopefully it will all be in within the next couple weeks and we can open the store the week of April 18. Yeah! The shop looks pretty messy in some of the pictures, but after a good sweep and mopping today, it’s pretty bright and shiny. We’ll finish the fixtures next weekend then start working on window displays and floor displays.

Besides the store (which pretty much is my weekend now), the Mister ran a half marathon yesterday and set a PR. Good Job B! 1:41 isn’t too shabby at all. I also put a couple of pictures of my new fancy jewelry that I had remade. My great-aunt gave me the earrings. I wanted to modernize the clip on’s a bit, so Lauren Embree worked her magic and turned them into something I want to wear every day! The ring was also a pair of clip on’s. I felt like I had elf ears when I put them on, and I do believe that it suits much better as a gorgeous (giant) cocktail ring!

This week I’m off to the great state of Kansas and am looking forward to some good visits and stops at my favorite Kansas Flea Markets and vintage shops! So, have a great last night to your weekend and Happy Monday!

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