Where have I been?

Well, with the lack of posts lately, you probably think I’ve been hiding under a rock. You’re not that far off. It’s been quite a couple of weeks. First, the shop opened and that’s keeping me pretty busy in the evenings. Then my class I’m taking this semester ends next week (I can’t wait!). Not that I haven’t enjoyed it, but it takes up a lot of time that I don’t really have! Basically, at the moment every Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon is devoted to school work, so I’m ready for a summer break! I have a final project due next Sunday and then I’m all done. Yeah!

Along with life in general, I’ve had quite the travel adventures lately. On the way home from Kansas a couple of weeks ago I was rear ended on the interstate. Do you know that person that gets in a fender bender at rush hour on a Friday and slows down traffic…that was me. My car came out of the accident like a champ (the other car looked terrible). Even though it looked fine on the oustide, it had a lot of damage that was unseen to the common eye ($2500 to be exact…yikes!). Thank goodness for insurance! Then on Wednesday, I was driving home from an errand and got caught in the worst hail storm I’ve ever seen (think large golf balls…maybe a bit bigger) . I had to pull over on the interstate and wait for it to pass. My heart was racing harder then than it did when I ran earlier that morning. I thought the hail was going to crack my windshield. Needless to say, my car is as spotted as a dalmatian. So, now that has to get fixed. It looks like I don’t care for my Subaru. However, Opal is a great girl and hopefully really soon she’ll look as good as new!

So, aside from the store, class, and my job, I have had a bit of time to sew this week (i.e. procrastinating today when I didn not understand my SQL homework)! I was able to use my great Ebay find fabric to sew an Easter skirt. This beautiful muted yellow and brown art deco fabric (it’s from the 40’s) made a lovely 1950’s day skirt. I added a little kick in the back with some vintage buttons. I have to say I’m really, really happy with how this turned out. And for the cherry on top, I put in the zipper perfectly on the first try! Kudos to me!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m also throwing in a few pictures of the Magnolia shirt on. I posted about it a couple of months ago, but finally finished up with the closure on it today. It’s made from a 1940’s feedsack and has glass art deco buttons that close the side. I can’t wait to wear it once all this rainy, damp weather clears out. I’m so over April showers! Oh! And if you like the Mustache T in the skirt pics, stop by the shop – it’s one of our fun designs! Or if you live far away and want one, shoot me an email and we can arrange that!

Next week I’m off to Kentucky and Michigan. I had a mini panic attach today when I realized that both my Monday morning and Tuesday evening flights are going to correspond with severe weather predictions. My stomach is turning now just thinking about it. I tend to bite my nails when I fly in bad weather, so I guess I’m breaking out the nail polish tomorrow and painting a couple (or 10) coats! I’m not sure how many runs I’m going to get in while in Lexington or Grand Rapids due to weather, but hopefully I’ll run across something fun to post about!


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