Sunshine is the Best Way to Start a Monday

I headed west last night and arrived in Phoenix late in the evening. As we flew in the captain announced it was 75 and a crystal clear night. I was so happy to hear that, considering the flight out of Fayetteville left in 45 and rainy conditions. Plus after a super bumpy ride from Fayetteville to Memphis before catching my last leg, I was SO happy to be back on solid ground! Needless to say, it is great to wake up to sunshine everyday versus rain and clouds. At this point, I am so over the April showers (that are still going) in Arkansas. Here in the Valley of the Sun, 80 and sunny is a great way to start a Monday!

I do love visiting Phoenix (I usually try to fly out 3 times a year), but this will be my last visit until fall, as the 100+ temps and I don’t get along very well. So, while I’m here, I want to soak up as much sunshine as possible. This morning, after a nice run and a bit of work, I spent my afternoon outside with a good book. The puppies and I enjoyed lounging poolside for a few hours until the sun became a bit to hot for me! After coming in and cooling off for a bit, and doing a bit of sewing for the shop (come on Saturday and you can see the great aprons my mom and I have been making), I realized that even though I thought I had put on enough sunscreen, I missed a little patch on my foot. Now have a very red, itchy left foot. Boo! I’ve learned my lesson and will be sure to lather on twice as much tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, I have on the agenda more sun and reading (of course) and a trip to Nordstrom Last Chance. I’m really looking forward to spending a couple of hours digging around the returns/overstock items of Nordstrom. I always end up with either a great Hobo Clutch (last time I got one for $20!) or a nice pair of heels. Hopefully luck is on my side and I’ll walk out with some great designer digs for super cheap!

Hopefully I’ll come back home a tench darker (maybe my super white girl skin will hold a little tan!), having read a few new books, and having found a dress to wear to my sister’s wedding (she’s letting us pick our own bridesmaid dresses, with a few stipulations, but I think it’s great). Yeah, that would be nice. Until then, I’ll actually have a bit of time on hand to write about my week, so stay posted for nice Phoenix pictures and interesting tales!


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