100 Degrees

Yes, that’s right. It was 100 in Phoenix today. A bit too warm for me! I don’t know how folks live here in July/Aug/Sept…and don’t even say ‘but it’s a dry heat’. Anything over 100 is hot! Despite the heat, I have had a great trip to the Valley of the Sun. I’ve gotten a little sun. Maybe a shade darker….or maybe I’m the only one that will notice that! I did read 3 books this week while soaking up the rays, which was super nice and relaxing.

I also had the chance to visit a great little vintage store yesterday (which I’ve added details to in the Shops tab). It’s located in a fabulous high-end vintage shop in Central Phoenix. The kind of shop that says ‘do not touch’ on everything. The pieces are even worth going into the store to look at – very nice mid-century pieces. But, back to the little vintage shop, it’s called Mint and has a nice little selection of well-preserved clothing, hats, and jewelry. After trying on a few hats, I’ve decided that I want to treat my sister’s upcoming wedding as a ‘royal wedding’ and wear a vintage hat. Though, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t go for that! After putting back the five, or ten, hats I tried on, I ended up with a beautiful vintage scarf from the 1940’s.

Vintage 1940's Silk Scarf

I’ve really been into 40’s pieces lately, especially peplums (that cute little ruffle that is attached to the waistline of a dress).  Plus the prints of clothing from this era are so great. Though I don’t usually purchase vintage outside of the 50’s era, I think I might have to start expanding into the 40’s now!

In the morning I’m looking forward to journeying back to Fayetteville, but will miss the family in Phoenix. It’s such a great place to come visit and relax in!


One thought on “100 Degrees

  1. And you KNOW the family really loves to have you visit.
    Anytime you are in the area. Ok, so the area is just a bit out of your work area, it is still always good to have you home. Adding to that statement and thanks to your dad,I must say that you have had quite a few “homes” in your lifetime. But as they say, “Home is where the heart is” and our heart doesn’t beat far from our children. We are so proud of all of you and enjoy ANY bit of time you can share with us. Our door is always open….love you

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