Am I Mistaken…

Or is it July? This warm, muggy weather in Fayetteville is odd (and not too fun!).  One of the reasons I moved from Mississippi was to get away from humid, muggy spring times that feel like summer times. It seems they’ve found their way to Arkansas this week. When I wake up and it’s 75 and muggy, that’s not fun weather to ‘enjoy’ a morning run! However, it sure beats running after work! But hey, at least it’s not -20, right?! Despite the weather, it’s so nice to see sunshine instead of rain.

There isn’t anything super exciting or thrilling on this week’s agenda, but there are a lot of things on my to-do list this week (spring cleaning, altering a dress, potting plants on my balcony, etc. etc.!). Speaking of altering a dress, I found a FABULOUS vintage dress on eBay that I couldn’t pass up. It is actually a couple of sizes to big, but nothing a little patience and alteration magic won’t fix! So, why would I take the time to go through the pain staking alterations (I sew, but I hate altering items – zippers are the bain of my sewing existence!) – well, it’s a vintage Liberty of London dress and I just love Liberty of London textiles. The fabric choice on this dress is so sweet. It’s a soft grey and pink print with a lovely cutout on the top. Just check out the pictures below! You can tell someone took great care of it (minus a hint of moth balls), it’s almost like new! I even was lucky enough to get the original belt in pretty good shape with it. Those old vintage belts are very hard to come by in good shape. I can’t wait to pull out the seam ripper and get to work (sarcasm there, as a few of you know how much I loathe using this tool!). The end result should be a stunning summer dress that I’ll want to wear very often! Below are pictures of it (it’s a bit wrinkled, as it was smooshed in a little package and shipped to me), but after some hard work will be as good as new!


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