Oh Weddings!

I spent most of last night traveling to Portland for my sister’s wedding (the lovely day is happening tomorrow). It was a super long journey, but luckily there were no delays. Leaving Fayetteville last night, I had visions of a three-hour Minneapolis delay …that happened the last time I flew into Oregon. I guess lady luck was on my side because I made it into town around midnight Portland time yesterday (exhausted!). This morning my brother and I drove out to the Oregon Coast to meet up with the families and get busy making flower arrangements and decorating for the reception.

I had the privilege of making some mobiles, making the menu boards, writing all the signs (can you see a pattern here – apparently my sister likes my handwriting!), and do the flower arrangements. So, I snapped a few pictures of the decor for the day. I’ll have some great pics tomorrow while we are on the coast. It’s a bit rainy and overcast right now, but hopefully we’ll get some sunlight tomorrow evening for the beach wedding!

After the big day, I’ve made plans to head back into the city and spend a few days around Portland. I’m excited about doing so, as I really enjoyed the flavor last time I was in town! I have quite a few vintage shops and vegan food places on my ‘to-do’ list, so stay tuned for some fun wedding pictures, great shots of the city, and some new reviews of delicious vegan food places and vintage shops!

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