From the Oregon Coast to Portland

The wedding was a great day – beautiful weather and lots of fun with the happy couple! The sun was shining and everything went off without a hitch. It was great! We celebrated after with friends and family and then wished the sister and the new brother-in-law off as they start their cross-country journey (I linked to their road trip blog on the left…now they just need to post on it! Hopefully they’ll have some fun stuff about San Fran up in the next couple days – the first stop in their trip across the US).

The following day the sun graced us with her presence again and we headed out to Indian Beach (near Cannon Beach) to enjoy the surf and rays. Matt went surfing and the rest of us watched from the shore. A 55 degree Pacific Ocean isn’t my idea of fun. Matt dawned a wetsuit, so I’m sure he was fine! I got a little sun, took some photos, and enjoyed a picnic and a good book. Afterwards we went into the town of Cannon Beach and did a little window shopping and ice cream eating, finishing up the day with a relaxing evening run!

Today we packed up and headed into Portland. I love being in a remote location and near the ocean, but there is just something about walking around with lots of other people that I really enjoy. I can take a few days in the country, but I’m mostly a city lover. So, it was great to get back into town where I could head out on foot and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. We dined at Lauren’s place of employment, Isabel, and had a fantastic lunch! Afterwards we walked around the Pearl District and then over to 23rd Street. I was able to score some great finds at Buffalo Exchange and then popped into my favorite vintage shop in town, Gilt. I was eyeing all the old (expensive) jewelry, making a list for Christmas! I’m thinking a very nice vintage ring would be just the ticket! Overall, it was a great weekend. I’m super tired, but excited about having a couple of days in Portland to hang out. I’m hoping to stop in at a few new vintage shops that I haven’t visited before and hang out with some old friends while here. It should be a nice few days!



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