It’s how hot in Arkansas?!

After a great (but tiring) week in Portland, I’m ready to be back home. I checked the weather today and realized that it’s so hot in Fayetteville! I’ll miss the 65 degree weather in Portland, but am looking forward to the comforts of home.

The two days I was able to spend in Portland I tried some great vegan eats (I put them on my eats page) and then some fabulous vintage shops (on the shops page). I found some wonderful vintage pieces – a couple of 1950’s dresses, a pair of 1950’s knee-length shorts, and a great teal pleated skirt. I’ll post some pictures of these when I get them home. Now I just need to get some shut-eye and prep for a 10 hour travel day home tomorrow. Yeah for a flight from PDX to Atlanta (do you hear the sarcasm in my hoorah!).


One thought on “It’s how hot in Arkansas?!

  1. Glad Ave Snd I could enjoy your fabulous finds with you. Thanks for all you did to make the trip a wonderful memory. Lori

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