Sticky, Sticky, and well…just Sticky

Ah, the South. What can I say? It was home for almost 20 years and every time I return fond memories return. …then after about 5 minutes the humidity hits me and I’m ready to be back in the Ozarks! In actuality, it’s great to be back in the town!

I started my day with a loop around the Canebrake Lake – my old running route. It was a lot of fun. Despite having to breath in fog-like air, the dawn over the lake was beautiful. Rain showers have been lingering all day, but the greyness and thick air only brings me back to the days of old – 1st period marching band (what was my high school thinking?!), 4:30 am runs when I tried to beat the heat of the sun, and long days in our backyard swimming pool (you would think it would warm up, but I promise we had the coldest pool in Columbia, MS!…just as my siblings! Even in the middle of August we did the hokey-pokey to get in!). Despite the grumbling I do about its humidity, I do love coming back. I don’t really feel like MS is ‘home’ anymore, but returning to the land where so many fond childhood memories were made is a lot of fun!

After work today I drove around to visit some of my go-to shops in town – Hudson’s (of course!) and UAL (I scored big and got a great deal on Biscotti Marc Jacobs perfume!).  I also was able to check out a new boutique in Downtown Hattiesburg called {Click}. It was a fabulous place (I want the colors and artwork in my house!) that everyone near Hattiesburg should check out! …you know AR folks, it’s on the way to the beach if you drive!

I promise I did bring my camera, but you see, I forgot the attachment to move the pictures to my laptop. Boo! So, I’ll have to be descriptive in my words this week and then first thing when I get back next Friday I’ll put a little slide show together! Off to New Orleans tomorrow….land of beignets, chicory coffee, and jazz music!


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