1700 Miles Later…

I think Opal the Outback had a rough couple weeks. She officially hit 30k miles….old girl! Despite spending quite a few hours in the car over the last two weeks, I had a wonderful journey to New Orleans and back. I quickly stopped gripping about the humid weather and I was actually able to enjoy the friends and family that are in the South. I drove back from my Mimi’s house yesterday after enjoying a relaxing evening (which included a meal of delicious garden fresh veggies).  I was able to get in some wonderful runs in the Garden District as well as the Midtown area of New Orleans. Every time I run the trolley line, I always try to conjure up a way to load up one of the huge New Orleans on St. Charles and bring it back with me! …I could somehow get it into my luggage, right?! I understand why people buy houses on St. Charles – they are Gorgeous! I think I could live there if someone gifted one to me!

Aside from great company, I found a few new wonderful vintage shops and scored some great finds! I’ve put together a little photo montage of the couple of weeks away from Fayetteville. An on top of that wonderfulness, here is the top 10 from the trip:

10. Finishing the last two books in the Hunger Games trilogy (yeah books on CD!)

9. Eating Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies with every meal at Whole Foods (sometimes I treated myself to two! Every long/hard-working day needs a sweet!)

8. Those lovely afternoon rain showers that occur EVERY DAY in the South…I do miss you sometimes!

7. Meeting my old running ladies last Friday morning for a 5:45 am run – we use to do it everyday! I do miss it….

6.  Cups coffee. Blueberry Cinnamon and Cookies N’ Cream will be brewing at my house for the next couple weeks (if they make it that long!)

5. Finding B some great Steven Alan Shirts at the UAL on Chartes St. for less than $20 a piece!

4. Discovering and perusing ‘Retro Active’ on Magazine Street

3. Finding a lovely pair of cat eye glasses that are just screaming for new lenses!

2. Touring New Orleans with Uncle Rob and Beth – we’ll just say a beer in a brown bag was involved! Ah, New Orleans!

1. Spending time with Mimi and old friends in Mississippi!

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