Fall is so close…

I REALLY want fall to hurry up and get here. Every so often I’m tricked by the cool morning air or breeze that has that ‘fall smell’ to it…only to be brought back to reality when I walk out the door and it’s still hot and muggy (prime example was this morning!). But, there was another thing I found over the weekend that made fall seem even nearer – Pumpkin Ale! My favorite ale. I’ve been known to buy many 6-packs to tie me over for a while! Thank you Samuel Adams Sampler pack for providing me with two Pumpkin Ales.

Aside from sitting in my living room, watching Brian water our very thirsty plants on the balcony (I’m amazed that they’ve made it through this hot summer as well as they did!) and watching the end of a Saved by the Bell episode, I’m recovering from a great visit with my dad. Well, recovering may not the word I’m looking for…it wasn’t a taxing visit, but a very enjoyable one. We visited a couple flea markets over the weekend looking for fun fixtures for the shop (we found some great vintage shoe forms, an old apple crate, and a vintage Toms chip holder – all look great in the shop!), we looked through a few houses in Fayetteville (I’m still scheming ways to get him and mom to move here!), and did some sight-seeing downtown. He was here for a few days before heading to Mississippi to see my brother.

Speaking of my brother, Matt is playing in a Hooter’s Tour Event today, so be sure to click on the Matt Fast Golf blog link to see how he is doing! My Dad drove up from Phoenix over the weekend, spent some time here with me and Brian (I loved having him around!), then made the trek to the MS Gulf Coast yesterday to be Matt’s caddy for the tourney. We know Matt is great and are hoping he’ll finish strong in this weeks event! Go Brother!


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